Certified Coach Program

4.b. Certified Coach Program


10-Days with more than six months of practical experience to be EmoWave Coach, an ITOL Certification program, is designed for those who wish to achieve a high level of coaching proficiency.

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Emowave is a voice assessment tool based on the triggers of their brainwave to review the emotions inside of them that shape their behavior and understanding of the way they communicate and, importantly, their character and genuine intention. This tool helps individuals gain self-awareness from their brainwaves, and the coach is equipped with the methods to unleash their potential to move them to greater heights. Therefore, it is crucial to undertake a proper education and practice since we are talking about the life of others. 

EmoWave Certification Program combines the skills to read and analyze EmoWave reports. In addition, it includes the coaching method to unleash a person’s potential. 

This certification program was designed to gain coaching skills with EmoWave repost target for professionals and working adults. There will be a total of 3 levels of training to be completed along with practicals to earn EmoWave Certification accredited by ITOL (Institute of Training Occupational Learning). 

Level 1: EmoWave Stress Management, 3 Days, approx. 21 hours

Level 2: EmoWave Wholesome Leaders, 4 Days, approx. 28 hours 

Level 3: EmoWave Coach Certification, 3 days, approx. 21 hours

Bonus: 24 Sessions of weekly case studies

Level 1: EmoWave Stress Management

This training aims to equip you to understand the core technology and the principles of EmoWave. After the course, you will be able to read and analyze EmoWave Lite report for Stress Management. 

Accelerated learning. Must conduct and complete 3 EmoWave Lite Report reading with 80% accuracy. 

Level 2: EmoWave Wholesome Leaders

You will learn all the data presented in the EmoWave Full report and how to integrate the information to give a holistic 360 view of the individual emotions and behavioral patterns. You also learned the various methods to trigger and unleash their potential. 

Accelerated learning. Must conduct and complete 3 EmoWave eLite Report readings with 80% accuracy. 

Level 3: EmoWave Coach Certification

We move beyond the traditional behavioral coaching frameworks (e.g. ‘grow’) to explore more detailed approaches to performance coaching. We also examine the dimensions of human behavior that can prove a sticking point to sustained performance improvement. During the program, the principles of Coaching: You will be able to explain the principles that underpin coaching and make it unique from other forms of development such as mentoring and training. These principles will guide everything you do as a coach from then on. 

During the three days, you will learn… 

The principles of Coaching: You will be able to explain the principles that underpin coaching and make it unique from other forms of development such as mentoring and training. These principles will guide everything you do as a coach from then on. 

Skills of a coach: You’ll learn skills you need to develop to be an effective performance coach, including interpersonal, communication, and organizational skills. 

Powerful communication skills: You’ll be able to use this tool to clarify the specific areas of concern of the person you are helping and enable them to assess the challenges they need to overcome. 

Coaching models: You will be able to use two powerful coaching models (not ‘grow’) to create success. You will help the individual identify goals, where they are currently, the range of options for taking action, and the specific steps they will take to achieve their goal. These models help to create a commitment to action and identify hindrances. 

Goal setting models: You will be able to use different goal setting models to ensure an individual can identify their goals in detail pinning down how they will know that they have succeeded, what the goal gives them and why it motivates them, the time frame for achieving it and what makes it difficult such that coaching is needed. 

Values in Coaching: What we make important and the things that drive us to success often relate directly to the level of performance we accomplish. Allowing people to ensure that their work works with, rather than against, their values is crucial in achieving lasting performance improvement. You will learn how to find out someone’s core values and how these can be harnessed for success. 

Feedback in Coaching: You will be able to provide the most appropriate feedback to your coachee and do so in a way that helps motivation.

Who would benefit: Anyone involved in managing the performance of staff. This is ideal for occasional coaches, including HR officers, office managers, team leaders and project managers. 

Learning & Assessment: You will be continually assessed throughout the program as you demonstrate practical skills. You will also keep a reflective learning journal, and this will form the basis of a guided conversation with your trainer.

Accelerated learning. Must conduct and complete 5 EmoWave eLite Report readings with 80% accuracy within one day. 

On successful completion of the qualification, you will be awarded the ITOL Certificate in EmoWave Coaching. The qualification is accredited by ITOL and is equivalent to QCF Level 4 and EQF Level 5.

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