Happy Family Package

1.d. SmartKidz Happy Family Transformation


Family Experiential Activation System! Time for us to bring back the GIFT of every child.

  • Simple

  • Non invasive exercise and therapy

  • Effective program

  • With 95% accurate analysis

  • More than 20 years of proven methods

  • Highly transformational and successful feedback


SmartKidz Happy Family Transformation in 3 months, 12 Sessions, includes:

For your 2 Kidz, having:

  • 3 X 1-2-1 Personal Consultation Session

  • 6 X SmartWave Diagnosis

  • 4 X Personalised Music Frequency Therapy

  • 24 X NeuroFeedz Training Activity

  • 24 X NeuroActiv Brain Sensory Development

  • Progressive updates by Zuno coaches

  • 1 session per week; 60 minutes per session

  • Kids below age 13


For the Father and Mother, having:

  • 1 X 1-2-1 Personal Consultation Session

  • 2 X SmartWave Diagnosis

  • 2 X Personalised Music Frequency Therapy

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Product Details

Smartwave is a program that helps children maximize their natural gifts and equip them for life and learning in this century. This is an experiential package.

Learning is no different. Education systems may be mass-produced, but each of our children is an original. We owe it to our children to give them a system of learning that sets them free to think like genius, develop their natural gifts, and learn to suit them best. Being able to express our ideas, create knowledge, learn quickly and develop individual gifts and creativity as best we can. The challenges of combining learning creativity are not something new to this century but to the past geniuses: their lives show that their success lies in their ability to learn and create all at the same time.

3 Highly Effective Steps:

Step 1: ABILITY result

  • EmoWave diagnosis to map out their learning style, physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing.
  • Taylor a program to unlock their potential to raise intelligence

First they will go through a unique voice assessment in 2 minutes only with EmoWave. Emowave, a voice analysis the assessment will show children’s intelligence, personality, learning styles, and emotional states, communication style. It does not require you to participate in written tests or any questionnaires. Only your mere voice is needed.

You will discover:

  • Children's Intelligence Indicator
  • Children's behavior pattern
  • children's emotional state
  • Children communication & learning style
  • Children left/right brain activities
  • Children's physical wellbeing

Step 2: Activation Program

  • Daily home base 15 mins, personalized music therapy to raise intelligence
  • Weekly brain activation (neurofeedback) games to develop brain power

From the EmoWave report, the coach will personalize an EmoPill, music therapy. EmoPill™ (Music Therapy) is deployed through the individual’s auditory senses. The brain’s auditory receptors connect with the prescribed frequency sent via the personalized EmoPill™. It will engage the brain to create the state needed to help the children achieve the desired outcome. Listen daily, and the kids will enhance positive emotional intelligence attributes and neutralize or eliminate negative emotional consequences, also accelerating their learning abilities.

The kid will also go through a session of brainwave activation (neurofeedback), Neurofeedback is similar to exercising your brain. It’s like putting your brain on a stair stepper to exercise certain regulatory functions of your brain so it functions better all the time. Sensors, which pick up brain waves, are attached to the frontal lobe. Computer software interprets the brain waves and extracts certain information from there. We show you your brain waves through EEG and video games. We then instruct you on how to play a video game using your brain waves. The process of playing a video game rewards specific areas of your brain for functioning optimally. EVERYONE CAN DO IT!

Step 3: Accelerate the “Wow”

  • Weekly one-to-one session, brain sensory development
  • Perpetual measuring and monitoring to attain peak performance

The coach will also conduct a 30 mins POWER UP activity to develop motor skills, power training to achieve:

  • concentration
  • observation
  • judgment
  • inference,
  • memory
  • creativity
  • response
  • self-management
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